This cake was for the boyfriend of a girl I work with. He's a duck hunter and she asked me to make this specific duck, the hooded merganzer, and also his camo-shotgun. The cake is red velvet, the icing is cream cheese frosting (also this for the filling), the duck is Rice Krispie® treats covered in fondant and the gun is several plastic cake supports covered in fondant.

This Instructable is for the cake/duck. I didn't get photos of the making of the gun.

This was my first time to make a duck/bird and was worried about how to do the feathers. I ended up making different types of feathers on the duck in different ways and I'm happy with the results for my first feathers. I really got into making the duck and was in "the zone" and it was so fun! I got some good ideas of how to make better feathers the next time I make a bird or need feathers. :)

Here's a list of general supplies I used to make the cake:

• Cake pans for baking the cakes. I used a quarter sheet pan.
• General cake decorating supplies: Mixer, spatulas, turn-table, carving/clay/fondant/gumpaste tools, matt to roll fondant on, fondant rolling pin, gel food colors, knife, cake leveler, toothpicks, food-safe paintbrushes, small containers to mix food color "paints" in, tape, cake support dowels, etc.
• Ingredients to make cakes, icing, fondant and liquid to mix food colors with (you will mix the food colorings with something like vodka or clear extract, not water.)

I made a single quater sheet cake to be used as the "water" and a double batch of Rice Krispie® treats to make the duck.

Step 1: Begin the Duck!

First thing I did was shape the duck out of the rice cereal treats. I did a search online of the hooded merganzer and printed up some photos of the duck from different angles that I could find. Then I started shaping it, starting with the body first, then the head. I left the beak off and used a bamboo grilling skewer, cut down, for the beak, and attached it after I was done with the fondant.

Next up, adding the fondant!
<p>Kudos to your level of patience...great work ! :)</p>
Thank you! :) I don't always have the patience... or time, lol, hence why I haven't posted anything in a long time. :)
<p>like it </p>
This is awesome....very talented!!
<p>Totally AWESOME!</p>
this is true talent!!
This cake is absolutely wonderful work of art. All that time you put into it! Wow. Great job. :)
Thank you!!! I never thought I'd enjoy making a duck so much but I did!
If you have some time to waste, search google images for the mandarin duck. Wish my wife was a cake artist like you. ;)
Oh wow, the mandarin duck is beautiful!!! I'd love to try to make one of those, thank you for the suggestion to look it up!
As A Waterfowler I absolutely LOVE THIS! Great detail on the bird! 5 stars! Congrats on winning! You deserved first prize!
Thank you so much!!! That makes me happy :) I'm just happy I got 3rd place, working full time now and trying to fit in cake making and didn't have time to make anything new. I really loved making the duck though! Was my first time and I really got into it and think they are beautiful.
Wow, fabulous as always! Your merganzer is gorgeous.
Thank you so much!!!
Truly Amazing! Yes, I did vote for you. You easily deserved the vote! Looking forward to seeing more from you. Truly a professional grade cake.
Thank you so much!!! Hoping to publish some new Instructables in the next couple months!
Very beautiful! Love all the detailing!
Thank you!!! I tend to get lost in the detailing when I'm really into it, I think that's my favorite part!
So awesome and so realistic! Did anyone eat the bird? Man I'm not sure I be able to eat such fantastic art!
Thank you!! Yes, they did eat the bird :) I heard it was yummy!
That is crazy! Very realistic looking duck cake!
Thank you so much! :)
Another fantastic cake!
Thank you! Finally got around to making the Instructable. :)
Another fantastic cake!

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