Step 2: Applying the Fondant! Part 1

I spread a thin layer of icing on the duck and then started the fondant with an all over layer, smoothed all around and to the bottom and then trimmed the extra and smoothed under the duck.

Then added the bamboo skewer for the beak. I brushed some water on the bamboo and covered that with fondant. The water acts as a glue and adhered the fondant to the bamboo. Then I detailed the beak; shaping it, adding the line where the beak would open and adding nostrils.

Next up I started on the feathers of the body. I layered the pieces on so that I would have the right feathers where they needed to be. I thought of it as when painting. Painting the farthest background first, then painting what is next closer, and so on and so on until you paint the final foreground. or like making a pizza. Crust on the bottom, then sauce, then cheese, then toppings on top. I hope that all makes sense!

First I made the tail feathers. I made those in one piece and glued it to the Krispie duck's tail end with a little bit of water. I just used one of the pointy gum paste/fondant tools to make lines for the center feather spines and then short angled lines for the feather parts.

Next up were feathers on the back that angle in toward the center of it's back and kind of overlap. Made these the same way, one piece for each side, make the lines with the tool. Then glued them on.

Then, because it would be hard to get to after I started adding the next layers, I went ahead and painted those feathers in a brown food color & vodka mixture.

<p>Kudos to your level of patience...great work ! :)</p>
Thank you! :) I don't always have the patience... or time, lol, hence why I haven't posted anything in a long time. :)
<p>like it </p>
This is awesome....very talented!!
<p>Totally AWESOME!</p>
this is true talent!!
This cake is absolutely wonderful work of art. All that time you put into it! Wow. Great job. :)
Thank you!!! I never thought I'd enjoy making a duck so much but I did!
If you have some time to waste, search google images for the mandarin duck. Wish my wife was a cake artist like you. ;)
Oh wow, the mandarin duck is beautiful!!! I'd love to try to make one of those, thank you for the suggestion to look it up!
As A Waterfowler I absolutely LOVE THIS! Great detail on the bird! 5 stars! Congrats on winning! You deserved first prize!
Thank you so much!!! That makes me happy :) I'm just happy I got 3rd place, working full time now and trying to fit in cake making and didn't have time to make anything new. I really loved making the duck though! Was my first time and I really got into it and think they are beautiful.
Wow, fabulous as always! Your merganzer is gorgeous.
Thank you so much!!!
Truly Amazing! Yes, I did vote for you. You easily deserved the vote! Looking forward to seeing more from you. Truly a professional grade cake.
Thank you so much!!! Hoping to publish some new Instructables in the next couple months!
Very beautiful! Love all the detailing!
Thank you!!! I tend to get lost in the detailing when I'm really into it, I think that's my favorite part!
So awesome and so realistic! Did anyone eat the bird? Man I'm not sure I be able to eat such fantastic art!
Thank you!! Yes, they did eat the bird :) I heard it was yummy!
That is crazy! Very realistic looking duck cake!
Thank you so much! :)
Another fantastic cake!
Thank you! Finally got around to making the Instructable. :)
Another fantastic cake!

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