This instructable will show you how to start a duct tape business and the kinds of things you can make out of duct tape.

I will show you how to make:
Duct Tape Clothe
Duct Tape Wallets
Duct Tape Purses
Duct Tape Shoes
Duct Tape Roses

I don't want to take credit for thinking up of all the things i made because I don't want someone feeling bad that I took their idea and now they want to sue me, so I am just going to say that i improved on the duct tape merchandise.

I am also going to say sorry for the bad picture, it is because my camera is broken so i had to use my moms.

Any questions feel free to ask and i will try to awnser them as soon as possible

Step 1: What you need to start this business:

You need to make the items:
Duct Tape(obviously)-you will need a lot of gray and also other colors
Packaging tape
Exact o knife or some razor blade
Hard flat surface
Work space
Maybe some music or TV or a craftsman radio
Maybe a friends willing to help

And to sell them you need:
Ideas of different wallets designs and other objects to make
Pants or shorts with a lot of big pockets so you  can hold the wallets while you walk around  and sell them
Or have someplace to sell them (flea market)
Defiantly better pictures. Otherwise thanks!!!
darn i wanted to know o well
brincos would be a hit at my school the teacher even broncofied the wrestling teachers car when the raiders lost
Quite a few of these things are in a book called Ductigami, you should check it out!
Cool stuff but it defeats the purpose if you cant see them because of bad pictures you should definitely save for a new camera with your business money.
Yeah I will try to get my hands on a nice camera and than take some better pictures and thanks

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