Step 7: Duct Tape Shoes

I sadly didn't come up with the instructable to make duct tape shoes.

But i did improve on saxophones instructable;

i am made two pairs of shoes. i tape foam on top of the carboard to add comfort. i don't know how to explain this but look at his instructable and it will show you how to make duct tape shoes.

<p>I've always wanted to have a duct tape business! Thanks! </p>
Defiantly better pictures. Otherwise thanks!!!
darn i wanted to know o well
brincos would be a hit at my school the teacher even broncofied the wrestling teachers car when the raiders lost
Quite a few of these things are in a book called Ductigami, you should check it out!
Cool stuff but it defeats the purpose if you cant see them because of bad pictures you should definitely save for a new camera with your business money.
Yeah I will try to get my hands on a nice camera and than take some better pictures and thanks

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