Step 2: Time to Trust Your Friend.

put on your old clothes, socks, trousers, long sleeve t-shirt, don't wear underwear as it will get destroyed.

Now you need to get your friend to cover you in duct tape, Its best to pull a length out then put the tape on by hand otherwise it will get very very very tight and cut off your blood supply which can be really dangerous for you.

You may need to pull and rap the clothing so its close to your body so the tape takes the shape of your body.

Make sure you overlap your tape and you only really need one layer unless you can afford a few rolls of tape.

once your friend has covered you in duct tape up to your neck and wrists they need to cut you carefully out of it using the medical scissors. Cut down the back from the neck to the top of the buttocks then down each leg and down the side of the foot. Then cut across the shoulders and down each arm and the whole duct tape suit will fall away leaving you naked... opps.

I would have liked to have got more pictures of this step but my partner got in late and was very tired and it was hard enough to convince her to cover me in duct tape and cut me out of it let along take pictures, she already thinks I'm a weirdo!
<p>that leg looks like a total anime leg!</p>
Of course, thanks.
This would make a nice boxing dummy if you can find a way to make it stable.
not sure about that, think it would break appart, unless you used a lot of duct tape.
no problem, glad it was helpful, I need to make another one of these as this one I had to burn when I moved due to lack of space
ThaNk u so much keep it up ;)
wow very nice thanks
thanks, I will be using this to make the rest of my predator costume by putting a full body suit on it and spraying it with latex

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