Step 3: Stuff It

Its now time to stuff your duct tape human skin.

Start at the feet, hold the 2 sides where you have cut together and put duct tape across it to hold it together, work your way up the cut in the same manor overlapping the duct tape as you go. work up to the ankle then stop.

Take sheets of newspaper screw them up and push them in to the foot nice and tight, don't be shy use a little strength really pack it in there nice and hard, once you have stuff it to the ankle keep going in this way until the whole leg is full then do the other leg.

You can then start to fill up the back if you like, once your half way i would suggest stopping there and doing the arms.

the arms a little more tricky, start in the same way as the feet tape the cuts up but only do about 3-4 inches then push some newspaper in to make the shape of the wrist. dont push it out the end though, you will then need to put duct tape over the end, now you can properly ram the newspaper in there, keep doing this until the arm is full to the shoulder.

if you have a head for your dummy put this in the neck hole and tape the neck to the head and a little way down the back from the neck leaving a opening to stuff the remaining space, stuff the rest of the space including the shoulders and then tape that last hole up and your done.

An optional bit is to make the hands, its easier for my project to make these separately, do it in the same way as before just put some gloves on that you don't mind destroying and cover in duct tape then cut down the palm of the hand to remove it then stuff it with newspaper, best to rip off little bits for the fingers make them in to small balls and push them in the fingers. if you want to you could duct tape these hands on to your dummy. I haven't as it would be easier for my costume if i didn't.
<p>that leg looks like a total anime leg!</p>
Of course, thanks.
This would make a nice boxing dummy if you can find a way to make it stable.
not sure about that, think it would break appart, unless you used a lot of duct tape.
no problem, glad it was helpful, I need to make another one of these as this one I had to burn when I moved due to lack of space
ThaNk u so much keep it up ;)
wow very nice thanks
thanks, I will be using this to make the rest of my predator costume by putting a full body suit on it and spraying it with latex

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