This tutorial will tell you how to make a flower out of duct tape. I will include the way to make a rose, tulip, and what I believe looks like a chrysanthemum.
Materials needed:
- roll(s) of duct tape (about 1.5" to 2" wide) (One or more for petals, and optionally one for leaves)
- scissors (preferably longer than the width of your tape for easier cutting)
- a long skinny stick (EX: a rounded chopstick or pencil works fine)
- Ruler
- (Optional) a 2" wide piece of paper (will be used to measure the duct tape)

I will be using a red coloured duct tape and black coloured duct tape. Think of color combinations that you would see on a flower or would like nice together if you don't want a red/black flower.

Step 1: Assembling the Petals

Assembling the Petals
A. Cut a piece of paper about 2" long
1. Use the piece of paper in Step A or a ruler to cut 2" of duct tape
2. Fold one corner of the sticky side on itself
3. Fold the other corner onto itself leaving some tape showing (about 1/4 of an inch)

I used about 24 of each color, 48 in total. You can either assemble each petal first and then attach it or assemble it and then attach it.

Stages of flowers:
Roses: about 20 - 24 petals in total for a budding rose, about 40 - 48 petals for a bloomed rose
Tulip: I'm not sure if this looks different, but it has about 20 - 30 petals
Chrysanthemum: Also not sure if it has different stages, but about 30 - 35 petals
I made a whole mess of these for stocking stuffer for every girl in my family one Christmas. I enlisted help from other friends and family to do it and I think we made something like 4 dozen only I used floral wire for the stem.

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