Introduction: How to Make a Duct Tape Phone Case

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Duct Tape(Any Color)

Step 1: Wrapping the Phone

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Decide if you want to make Your phone will go into your case vertically.  If you want to make your case vertically, leave 1/8 of the phone sticking out of the top of the duct tape and then wrap to the bottom.(sticky side facing outward) Once it is wrapped to the bottom then take a small piece of duct tape and cover the hole in the bottom of the phone.

Step 2: Cover the Sticky End

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Since the sticky end is facing out re-wrap it so that the color end is facing out.

Step 3: Add a "Hood" to the Case.

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Take one long strip of duct tape and have the halfway point come to about 2/3 of the case and fold the piece back so that the sticky part isn't showing. add the Velcro onto the "hood" and where it meets with the case

Step 4: Add a Belt Loop for It

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take another piece of duct tape that is about 3 inches long and a half an inch stickyness left on each side to stick to the case.

Now you Made a Phone case to go on your belt.


kylekosan23 (author)2011-08-23

dude this is sweet!!

oanderson (author)2011-03-26

Cool, I used this as a base for mine, came out well

jcsuperman (author)oanderson2011-03-31

Glad to help. Looking for more creations to do if you have any please message me so I can help and put up more instructables.

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