Step 4: Taping the Sock

Picture of Taping the Sock
Slide your phone back into the sock, making sure it sits at whatever depth you want. Keeping the phone inside the case insures that the case is the right size and shape. Keep your new seam along the bottom of the phone to keep things less lumpy.

Cut a piece of duct tape about an inch longer than what would be needed to wrap around the case (horizontally, the short way). With the screen side of the phone up, stick the ond of your strip of duct tape just left of center, and have the edge of the tape lined up or just below the opening of your case. Then wrap it around until it overlaps a little bit. Be careful not to make any folds in the sock.

Wrap two more strips of tape around the case, each should barely overlap the one above it, and the bottom strip should be around a centimeter above end of the case with the seam.