In this Instructable, I'll how to make a cheap dummy using common household items. This can be made in about 15-20 minutes with great realistic results in the end.

Step 1: Prepare the Materials

You've got to always prepare what you need first!

To make this dummy, you'll need:
   - An old pair of pants
   - A bunch of old newspapers or clothes
   - An old sweater, coat, or jacket
   - A mask
   - An old pair of shoes

Very simple and creative. Nice job!
Heh. Heh. I just got reminded of when this guy sat down in his lawn dressed as a dummy like this, perfectly still. Then, when we came by his house, he jumped at us and screamed! It was so funny!
If you use a shredder on your old documents, keep the shreddings in loosely tied supermarket bags and they make excellent stuffing for a dummy.&nbsp; The other advantage is that they <strong><em>burn</em></strong> really well which makes them ideal for a bonfire party.&nbsp; <br /> We don't do Halloween as enthusiastically as you Statesiders, but have bonfire parties with fireworks on <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guy_Fawkes_Night">Guy Fawkes Night</a> to commemorate the failure of the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gunpowder_Plot">gunpowder plot</a> on November 5th, 1605. <br />
&nbsp;lol i made a dummy a couple days ago: used exactly that (old shreddings) another idea is, for the torso, you can put a pillow in a garbage bag (so it doesn't get wet. It works really well, and allows you to have to use less shreddings newspaper etc...
Also, even if the dummy's sitting down, it's a good idea to give him a wooden 'spine' which goes into the head and is attached to the top of the trousers.&nbsp; This gives him a better posture and gets rid of the 'couch potato' look.

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