How to Make a Durable Harvest Basket Made From Recycled Materials


Introduction: How to Make a Durable Harvest Basket Made From Recycled Materials

If you have a stack of grocery bags waiting to be recycled, put them to work in the garden as a Durable Harvest Basket. It can be used years after you make it and if something happens to your harvest basket just make another one its just so easy to make. You'll not only be helping the environment by DIVERTING GROCERY BAGS FROM THE LANDFILL but you'll have a harvest basket your going to enjoy years from now.

Step 1: Materials

2 plastic bags (easily found in most supermarkets) and used to keep the basket dry.
3 paper bags (again found in most supermarkets) and to give the basket shape and stability.
Heavy duty stapler

Step 2: Making

1. Fold about a one and a half inch cuff in the top of one of the paper bags (Bag A)
2. Continue making the folds until Bag A is about 4 inches high.
3. Repeat for the second bag (Bag B), but make one less fold so it's about a inch and a half taller than Bag A
4. Repeat for making Bag C, again making one less fold
5. Place Bag B into Bag A
6. Place Bag C into Bag B and staple all together through their cuffs on all sides with a heavy duty stapler.

Step 3: Finish

7. Line finished stapled paper bags (Bag C) with a plastic grocery bag as shown and DO NOT STAPLE. It will later on if both plastic bags get torn, hard to take out and replace.
8. Finally place the four-bag unit inside a plastic grocery bag with handles.

Step 4: Conclusion

Now you have a Durable. Cheap, Easy to Make, Recycled Harvest Basket. I hope you enjoy using it as much as I do and go out into your garden and enjoy your new harvest basket!



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    You have some great ideas that work well

    another 5* instructable

    Very good, I like this.

    I did a few of these they are very handy Trees, thanks for posting this. 5

    basically any paper bag that is reasonably big enough. i got my paper bags for FREE and the plastic bags to.

    I should make one of those one day. It looks really easy and I'm sure people won't notice if I steal mushroom ba- I mean, I'm sure those brown paper bags that come with mushrooms would do great. *Ooh-er...*

    Seems easy enough and I am always for anything to spare the earth.