Step 4: Junglefy the branch

Picture of Junglefy the branch
Lay down a plastic drop cloth or some garbage bags beneath your branch. Work on one side of the branch at a time. Brush or pour on good coating of adhesive over the top side of the burlap and press on clumps of the moss/coconut husk mix with your gloved hands. I did this in stages over several days. I wanted the adhesive to dry fully before working on the next side plus, I was laying on the layers of moss pretty thick.

When dry, shake off the excess, turn the branch over and repeat until you have good coverage over all sides of the entire length of the branch. The burlap base provides a natural texture so it is OK if your coverage is not thick and some of the burlap peeks through. Make sure you shake or gently pull off as much loose material as you can. If you don't, your reptile will and either eat it or make a big mess. (My iguana is likely to try and eat it anyway, but it won't hurt him and hopefully he'll realize quickly it doesn't taste very good! He's also likely to create a big mess anyway, but hey…)