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  This Instructable will show you how to make a tree of life pendant with family birthstones.  The branches will branch off to show how the family is connected, making this pendant a true family tree!  Tree of life pendants are a very popular trend at the moment, so here is one with a little customizable twist.  These pendants make great gifts for mothers and grandmothers.

  Have fun!

A plentiful supply of small gauge (thick) wire
A plentiful supply of large gauge (thin) wire
Wire-cutting jewelry pliers
Beads in the colors of the birthstones you will need

Step 1: Making the Frame

  The first step is to make the frame that the tree will be built inside of.

  First, cut a long length the thicker wire.  Cut plenty of wire, as it is better to have too much than not enough!  Next, make a loop at the end of this length of wire.  Then, make a circle with the wire below the loop, and wrap it around the loop you made at the top.  Tighten the wire around the loop to make sure it stays put.  Personally, I recommend making a large circle so that the pendant will be easier to create. 

  Next, take the remainder of the wire and wind it around and around the original frame.  How tight you wind the wire is up to you.  Once you reach the loop of the pendant, wrap the wire around the loop a couple of times.  You do not have to wind the wire around the original circle if you do not wish to, but I think it adds character to the pendant.  If you don't do this step, wind the wire around your loop a couple of times instead of just once.  :)

  Once you are happy with the frame, cut off the excess wire.
That's a really great idea, and looks good, but don't you have a lot of sharp ends sticking out?
That can be a problem. :/ Just make sure you flatten the ends to the frame as much as possible. :)
Very pretty! I've always loved these. :)
Thank you! :D

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