Step 6: Make the Piggy

Picture of Make the Piggy
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Split the pink clay you made for the pig into:
4 legs
1 head
2 ears
1 snout
1 curly tail
1 body

Stick half toothpicks into the legs and arrange them into a square.
Stick the body on top of the legs.
stick a whole toothpick into the head, leaving a little bit sticking out of the front and a lot sticking out in the back.
Stick the back of the head into the body.
Use a little bit of extra pink and roll it into a scarf shape for the neck. Cover the neck with this and smooth it with the edges of the toothpick (as though the toothpick is a rolling pin)
Take a little bit of pale pink (the same pink that you will use for the cows' snouts and all the animal's ears) and form a slightly smaller triangle than the pig-pink triangle. Place the light pink on top (like it's the inside of the ears) and stick a half toothpick into the bottom of the ear. Stick the ear in the head.
Put little black spots on the snout and in the middle of the eyes. I had my pig's eyes going in opposite directions for maximum cuteness.
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