How to Make a Feather Quill (2 Ways)





Introduction: How to Make a Feather Quill (2 Ways)

Dont worry this does have to do with halloween! This could be a great prop If you needed to do some writing at a haunted house or halloween party !Here are two simple ways to make a fake and real feather quill or pen. These can be used in a witch or wizard costume, if you are doing some sort of big setup or haunted house or something that involves writing. They are really easy and virtually free to make!

First of all you must pick the right feather, the bigger longer and fatter the feather the better, although for the fake quill, the stem has to be relatively thin.

Step 1: The Real Way

Making a traditional feather quill is not hard. Really the only thing hard is learning to write with one. The tip is flat so you can only draw down strokes. It leaves you writing in Gothic script but it still looks cool and is fun, but not very practical for everyday note-taking and stuff like that. All you need to do is cut a diagonal cut (with scissors or a small knife) across the tip of the feather, you will be writing on the pint of this tip. You can make it a little wider for calligraphy or thinner for normal writing but remember, you cant draw going up sow your going to have to work out some sort of gothic script. I learned by the picture below.

Step 2: The Fake Way

Now here i will teach you how to make a fake feather quill this way is much more practical, because your quill is just as good as the pen you stick in it. All you need to to is open a simple ball point pen (gel or other types of pens probably wont work as good because they don't have the thin ink stick inside). Take the tip connected with the ink-stick part of the pen out, cut a hole in the tip of the feather just big enough to fit the pen. Now simply shove the ink-stick and tip of the pen in as shown in the illustrations. If your feather is the right size and the hole you cut in the tip was not too big the pen should fit. If it was too big use a dab of glue or tape to keep it in.



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    I know it's really old, but thanks, this instructable worked really well. I made the fake quill for my ten year old brother, expecting it to be fairly messy and quite difficult to make. Instead, it was simple, easy and fast. I made four in five minutes, they all work well. The only downside was I used feathers that were too short to stick the ink chamber/holder in. I had to cut them down to size, otherwise it would have taken only a minute.

    Great instructable!
    What kind of ink are you using with the real quill?

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    you cannot move the pen upwards while writing. Only downward strokes.

    thank you for this. I made one with this huge feather i found in the field behind my neihgberhood.

    I got the feathers from some sand dunes/ beach this is one of the best place to get them because there are lots of gulls and sea birds around the coast and the feathers either fall in the water and get washed up ashore and stuck in grasses and such or if the feathers are dropped over the dunes they will fly across the sand until they hit a tuft of grass and they will get stuck there. So all in all the best place to get feathers is near the sea.

    Without tempering the tip a quill will not be sturdy enough for extended use. You can bake (@ 350 15-20 min) or heat on the stove, both in a can full of sand. This will harden the tip and make it easier to carve and last a bit longer.

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