DIY Fidget Spinner Toy





Introduction: DIY Fidget Spinner Toy

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Just follow the step by step instructions in the video and have fun by trying out by yourself !!!

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Step 1: Fidget Spinner Toy Demonstration and How to Make Tutorial Video for You to Try It by Yourself and Have Fun !

Step 2: Things Required

  • Small Cardboard Sheet
  • 1 toothpick
  • 4 Coins - 1 big and 3 small

Step 3: Take a Small Piece of Cardboard and a Large Coin and Draw the Tri Fidget Shape Using the Pencil

Step 4: Join the Circles to the Certre Circle

Step 5: Make 2 Cut Outs of the Same Shape

Step 6: Stick 3 Small Coins on Each End of First Cardboard Cut Out and Stick It to the 2nd Cut Out

Step 7: Cover the Sides of the Fidget Body by Sticking Cardboard Paper Strip Using Glue

Step 8: Take a Toothpick and Make a Hole at the Centre

Step 9: Make 2 Small Coin Shape Cardboard Cut Outs and Put It Both Sides of the Fidget Body

Step 10: Stick the Small Cardboards to the Toothpick Using Hot Glue or Super Glue

Step 11: Cut the Extra Toothpick Piece Using Cutter

Step 12: Sticks Cardboard Shapes to Make It More Attractive

Step 13: And We Are Done and Ready for SPINNING



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