Hi guys!

Im using water from inside the house to water the garden.

But the pipes, normal garden hoses, get blocked, especially

by the stuff from the washing machine. Here is how i avoid

getting my pipes blocked. I made a filter out of a tea strainer

and a tin.

Step 1: Lets Sift the Dirt!

The water from the house runs into a barrel, and before it reaches the garden hoses I decided to filter it. I found a tin, a normal chopped tomato tin, and a tea strainer that had similar measurements.

So i cut off the handle of the tea strainer.

Step 2: Here Comes the Tomato Tin

The thing with threads is the same dimension as the out-pipe in the water drum.

So I took a nail and a hammer and started making holes in a circle to the pipe can fit.

Step 3: Cutting the Hole

When I got a circle of holes I took a knife blade and used it as a chisel to cut between the holes, to make a (almost) circular hole.

Step 4: Cutting the Tin in Shape

When the hole is there I cut the ends of the tin off, to make the filter smaller than the size of the tin.

I used a grinder, but a knife or a scissor of some kind will also work.

Step 5: Shaping the Metal

I took a plier and bent the bottom part of the tin into a star shape.

This I learnt from another instructable when someone made a alcohol stove out of a coke tin.

When its happen as a star it becomes smaller than the top, so with the tea sifter in between you can squeeze the bottom and top part together.

Step 6: Heres the Filter!

Before I pushed the parts together with the tea sifter in between I put some glue on the edges just to make it tight. I used something called shoe glue, but I think any kind of glue is fine.

Step 7: Lets Put It to Use

I put the filter on the thread of the pipe that goes out from the garden drum.

I realised the hole was a little too big and not perfectly round, but i think some dirt is going to get stuck there eventually and make it tighter.

Step 8: Done!

The water comes in in the big pipe, and goes out through the filter.

The small pipe to the upper left is a hole in case the drum overflows

When the filter gets clogged I Brush it off with a broom.

I also put another hole in the bottom, which I sometimes open, and flush out the dirt with a garden hose.

Hope this helps someone!

<p>That's a neat way to fix it for cheap! </p>
<p>Thanks. Im not sure i would find a filter for a garden barrel, and if i do, I'm sure its expensive. </p>

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