Picture of How to Make a Filtered Cigarette
This Instructable will teach you how to roll your very own filtered cigarette with a few simple ingredients.
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Step 1: What You Will Need

Picture of What You Will Need
You will need three things:
1. A rolling paper
2. A pinch of tobacco
3. A cotton filter

Step 2: Step One

Picture of Step One
Place the tobacco beside the filter in the paper.
Make sure the glue on the paper is facing you from the top of the paper.

Step 3: Step Two

Picture of Step Two
Roll down.

Step 4: Step Three

Picture of Step Three
Roll down.
Repeat this and previous step until tobacco is in a tight cylinder.

Step 5: Step Four

Picture of Step Four
Tuck the non-glued edge of the paper under the other.

Step 6: Step Five

Picture of Step Five
Lick the glue and seal.
Now you have a cigarette.
I like it mainly because every one in my family smokes (including me) so now I can do something with my snipes.
nachosyumm6 years ago
nice first instuctable! I didn't know anyone rolled tobacco cigarettes. Do they have a lot of different varieties like they do for pipe tobacco?
Yes, they do. You've seriously never heard of Golden Virginia or anything like that? You can get premium stuff like a pipe which has flavouring, it's much more flexible than those boxed ones.
stabco6 years ago
massive amounts, check out places like or just google RYO/MYO tobacco.