How to Make a Fire Alarm





Introduction: How to Make a Fire Alarm

A fire alarm is a an electronic sounder or a bell. The sounder makes a loud high pitched sound to alert people that there is a fire in the building.Here the fire alarm devices senses the heat and activates the loud noise .

Now I am going to instruct how to make a fire alarm with less number of components.
Lets Get Started..

Step 1: Components Required

Piezo buzzer - 1 [Banggood]

9V Battery & Snap - 1 [Banggood]

PCB -1 [Banggood]

Fluorescent light starter - 1

You can get other tools and components : [Banggood]

Step 2: Circuiting

First remove the case of fluorescent light starter and then remove the capacitor form it.

Connect positive terminal of the battery to the positive terminal of piezo buzzer.

Negative pin of piezo buzzer goes to any one of the pin of tube light starter.

Another pin of Starter goes to negative pin of the battery.

Here circuiting is completed.

You can watch the video below for further any clarifications of the circuiting.

Here in the circuit the starter acts as the switch. When the bulb is heated, it acts closed switch. When it cools it acts as open switch.

Step 3: Circuit Construction and Testing

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    How would this miniature fire alarm be useful if it is put on a bracelet of some sort? Where the heat would be applied, they person would probably have to be burning. Any ideas?


    Hello, thanks for sharing this project.

    I have a question, I'm planning to make fire alarm with arduino and flame sensor but I found your project so which is better or more efficient to use ?