How to Make a Fire Tornado


Introduction: How to Make a Fire Tornado

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This video demonstrates a simple method to create a fire tornado with things that are likely already around the house. The method shown has been used for some time now and I figured it was about time I gave it a shot myself. The usual method is to use nothing more than a bowl of liquid alcohol for the flame, but I found that to be dangerous as the burning liquid could spill and cause a serious fire. The addition of cotton balls removes the risk of splashing. Care should always be taken around fire to be sure nothing flammable is nearby and that there is proper ventilation. A fire extinguisher should always be within reach whenever performing an experiment like this! Stay safe!



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    Attach a motor to the base and you've got a really cool piece of decoration for parties!

    Fantastic demonstration!

    Very cool effects. Keep up the great work you have my vote.

    Looks like what's shot from the ghost busters proton packs

    Very awesome... You might try fiberglass cloth in place of the Cotten.

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    In place of sand maybe lava rock (old gill rocks but not the new type true lava) would work, it is porous and wont break up, heck it can take the heat it was lava.


    4 years ago

    That is awesome great job

    Very nicely done and explained! And it is a very cool effect. Thanks a million for sharing!