Picture of How to Make a Pocket Sized Firecracker Cannon
This instructable shows how to make a firecracker cannon for less than $10. It is powered by a firecracker and it shoots a second firecracker. The firecracker that is shot explodes in midair.
DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for anything that happens with your cannon. Build quality and material quality is not always the same. Some laws prohibit the use of firecrackers in certain areas. Check all state and local laws before using firecrackers.
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Materials you will need are:
1 - 1/4"X2" iron pipe nipple
1 - 1/4"X1/4" coupler
1 - 1/4" air quick connect fitting
All materials except the firecrackers can be found at a local hardware store.
Firecrackers can be found at a fireworks stand or store around the 4th of July, so around that time, STOCK UP.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture of Assembly
cannon 2.jpg
To assemble the cannon, screw the pipe nipple and quick connect together using the coupler.
(does not need to be very tight)

Step 3: Firing

Picture of Firing
To fire, unscrew the "breech" (quick connect fitting), place a firecracker (firecracker 1) in so that the fuse sticks out the small hole in the bumpy end, and place another firecracker (firecracker 2) in the barrel (iron pipe nipple).
Be sure to put firecracker 2 in fuse first.
To fire, light the end of the fuse in the end of the air quick connect fitting.
Bombs away!
kdeeny made it!28 days ago
nice, oddly enough i already had one made so i thought id share it with you! pretty much the same thing. i just bored out my end piece so it was big enough to fit firecrackers! nice man!
wez4161 year ago
I need a very simple stand for this cannon, which is very awesome, btw. Any ideas?
mossimo34 years ago
I have built something similar, except this one is a made out of an old airsoft gun barrel. The tissue is used as a wadding to make a good seal. This allows for higher projectile velocities. The metal ram-rod is an old wire coat hanger, it allows you to ram the wadding into the barrel as well as clear the leftover firecracker debris. The pipe cleaner is to ensure a clean barrel for the next shot - maintaining a clean barrel is a good thing to do. This shoots airsoft bbs, or anything the size of an airsoft bb. Explanation for the picture with the cans: It went through four cans with no sign of "stopping". I could test it with more cans however I fear that with added cans increase the chance of the bb diverging from its original trajectory.
All 4 cans. And what projectile are you using.
nof-z2 years ago
i made one out of a craola thins marker tube and some lego wheels and duct tape. shoots and lites a firecracker about 30-40 ft. really fun for pranks.
Evan20103 years ago
I made a ultra simple cannon out of a thick steel pipe with an end cap screwed onto the end with a hole drilled in it that uses black powder and paper towel as wadding and can shoot a marble straight through a phone book
you should add a valve of some sort so you dont have to attatch and reattach every time
yardkarter (author)  pyra_builder_13375 years ago
I really want it to be SIMPLE
it isnt hard to add a valve just involves a little more screwing
That's what she said
And here i thought that that finaly died:(
"thats what she said" will never die.
cool im going to make it
i like the idea of this cannon. its simple and easy. people need to post more firecracker cannons