How to Make a Fire Wire [Easy Fireworks]





Introduction: How to Make a Fire Wire [Easy Fireworks]

This is an old trick done with fine steel wool to make a huge spiraling shower of sparks. Rapid oxidation of iron contained in the fine strands of steel is an exothermic reaction hot enough to melt the iron (which is a large percentage of steel) and give the spectacular visual effect. This process results in black iron oxide (Fe3O4) and red iron oxide (Fe2O3), which is more commonly known as rust. The carbon content found in steel adds to the brilliance of the sparks. The method I find works best for constructing these fire wires is detailed in the video.

Tools & Materials
  • Steel Wool
  • 3' Copper Wire
  • Lighter or 9 Volt Battery for Ignition
  • Wire Strippers (Optional)

000 or 0000 grade steel wool works best. Any courser and it will not burn properly. If it is fluffed up before igniting it will not burn as long, but it will throw off much thicker sparks. The first two shots in the video show fire wires with steel wool that has been fluffed up in this way.

Because these use no self contained oxidizing agents like most fireworks, these are probably legal in most areas - But this does not mean it is smart to use them anywhere. They throw off many hot sparks and should therefore not be used in dry environments. Glasses of some kind are also necessary to avoid any sparks getting in the eyes. A wide brimmed hat or a hood is not a bad idea either to avoid getting spots burned in your hair.



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    This is so cool!! Is it dangerous? Can you burn yourself or start a fire?

    obviously if its fire, its gonna be dangerous hahaha

    Can u make a video??

    This trick is so awesome! I ran straight to the store to get some steal wool right after work I was so excited to try this. In person it's amazing! Practicing saftey while doing this is a MUST! I got a minor burn on my leg when the hot wool hit me.

    Yeah your definately going to want to dress like the guy in the video.

    dont get it arent airsoft land mines supposed to spray bbs i need to know how to make one that sprays bbs.. o ya it would be perfect on april fools

    You deserve this prize and thats why I voted for you
    ps. youtube brought me here