How to Make a Fish Trap in 30 Seconds

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video How to Make a Fish Trap in 30 Seconds
If you have a plastic bottle and a cutter/knife/scissors, that's great --- you can make a fish trap in a minute -- it is so satisfying to catch a fish!
That is the reason I make this Instructable.

Features of this design:
Rocks in the bottle --- sinks the bottle; stabilize the bottle against the waves.
Small bottle --- easier to lift when filled with water; will be harder for small fish to escape through this small opening than the 5L bottle opening.
Cut the bottle at a low level --- the top and the bottom part will fix together firmly without tape, glue, fishing line, or wire.
Not to use fishing line --- easier to opening/close the trap; easier to make the trap.
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ilikecake31 year ago
And are the fish still alive?
ilikecake31 year ago
What should I put as food/bait?
enemigo2 years ago
same concept as a fly trap the fish/fly enter for the bait but when it's time to exit most all of them go to the top and progress round and round looking for the opening, almost never going to the center where the opening is. They don't have the capacity to think like we do, so their lack of reason traps them, not a closed door.
(in response to "torned00" )
enemigo2 years ago
sand in the bottom uses a lower profile and thus the fish have a harder time finding the opening to get out.
i made somthing like this but three times bigger
d1ndian3 years ago
nice one for zombie eclipse
Not if the water is contaminated.=/
no offence meant to anyone but...... not hunting would be more cruel than most people could imagine some people i dont know if it was p.e.t.a. or someone else bought all the deer tags in my area one year my aunt has a 80 acre farm it was terrible to watch, the population of deer had exploded over the previous 2 years after deer season with no kills we got to watch deer dying from disease and starving to death i am a fisherman i am a hunter i am a conservationist and i am a realist i do believe and practice take only what you can eat and eat whatever you take i have no ill will for vegans and vegetarians i have some friends who practice the lifestyle but as i have explained to them i hunt and fish because of my love of nature better a quick bullet than a week of starvation i admire the beliefs and the conviction of people who abstain from eating meat but if no one hunted/fished what would we do about the over population of animals due to the lack of natural predators the only predators they have now are hunters and cars sorry about my little tangent i did love the trap btw i am trying to make a bigger one thanks
it looks easier then catching a fish with a ill try it :)
Nice tutorial! And might I add we DID NOT evolve.
Ckeranen3 years ago
I do this when I go fishing. You can use the smaller fish for bait.
try with a bigger bottle with a larger cap ;) and drill the bottom of the bottle ;) oh and...what have you done are more than a minute compressed in 30secs;)
what if a small fish just ate all the trap and easily gone out because of the hole.
Dukeeey4 years ago
I tried this before and would like to tell you all that the fish doesn't die unless the trap is made wrongly. When you take it out the water, water stays in the bottle so the fish survives and you just take the top back off then let the fish go again. If you leave a sharp edge, the trap is too small, leave it in there for too long or put oo many rocks in it, the fish could die.
lilrocker904 years ago
hmmm thats a cool concept, but i wouldnt KILL a fish if im not going to eat it, and that fish is too small to eat so i would use this concept to make a bigger trap... nice though
maurice19935 years ago
one time I cath 104 fishes in about 10-15 minutes with this tingh! it realy works!
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Where would we get snails, because i dont think there are many around where i live? Otherwisse nice Video will try with different baits if not.
Check if there are streams, ponds, or lakes in your area.  You can usually find them attached to rocks. 
Samuel C (author)  flashanimator5 years ago
I are not sure where you are, but they usually stick to the rocks at the shallow water. I can find them in the sea and river, Asia and Africa.
normally there are snails around water like on the sand/mud and you know fish like water so probably can find some snails.
dont necessarily have to use snails. squid or bread would work.
chrisrich5 years ago
Great post....minus all the inane banter...I am going to try this soon in fresh water. Not too sure what I should use for bait, but I will definitely use a larger bottle and connect it to a line so I can toss it way out into the lake or river.

I hope my spelling, grammar and punctuation meets with the high standards of this forum...
24 hour emergency preparedness kit
 Hi Chris.  As already posted, just use anything stinky for bait (something giving off a strong odor).  Also, just to keep in line with out Instructables "be nice" comment policy, chill out with the arrogant stuff, as it isn't really constructive. 
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