This instructable will teach you how to create a fishtail braid.

Step 1: Step 1

Push all hair behind your shoulders. Preferably hair that has already been brushed and has no tangles. Divide hair into two sections down the back.
<p>Love it! We made a video of ours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OXK1nkfowoU</p>
At first it was hard but its easy now and that is cute
<p>cool </p>
<p>it worked on my hair wich is really hard to do</p>
<p>I really enjoy this tutorial. I love this hairstyle. The first time I wanted to make this hairstyle, I thought it would be very complicated. Finally, it is very easy to perform and this hairstyle can be worn in any situation. I find it very pretty and can be made at any time. This morning I did not know how to do my hair and I thought of this fishtail braid which is very convenient because it avoids having hair in his eyes. In addition, it is more original than a traditional braid.</p>
No! This does not help me!!!! I tried and tried and tried it doesn't make any sense!
Seriously grl ya gotta keep trying. The fishtail braid ain't that easy but you gotta deal with it, kk???you can do this cuz I believe it ya even if I have no idea who in he world you are??
This tutorial was awesome. Thanks so much. I can't believe I finally did it!!
<p>thanks a lot!!</p>
This was helpful! Thanks! <br>
<p>I tried it on an old Barbie and it looks ok i guess XD</p>
<p>I tried it on a Barbie and it looks ok XD</p>
<p>I dont get it...</p>
<p>Oh my gosh! I never thought I'd see the day where I made a fishtail on my hair all by myself ! This was sooooo helpful&hellip;.. Thanks :)</p>
<p>I did it on a friend thank you a lot </p>
<p>this tutorial is amazing!!</p>
<p>this is super helpful! thanks!</p>
<p>this is a &quot;fish tail&quot; braid. It uses basically four strands of hair at the same time. A &quot;French braid&quot; uses three strands of hair but when you are progressing down the braid you add on to the outer strands that are in your hand with a little bit of the hair that isn't in your hair until all the hair (that you want) in the braid is braided. A &quot;regular braid&quot; just uses 3 parts of your hair and doesn't add on</p>
This is wonderful you should do more!!
I know this as a &quot;French Braid&quot; or is that something different!
<p>what is a french braid</p>
French Braid starts at the top of the head, and uses 3 main sections to braid with, while the Fishtail starts near the nape of the neck and is using only 2 main sections. They are similar though.
Great instructable! I'm going to do this to my daughter's hair this weekend. You get a 100. JF
<p>i don't get it</p>
<p>how do you do it</p>
Awesome I've always wanted to learn how to do this now I can
that is a good instruction thingy.

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