How to Make a Five-in-One Mini Wood Working Machine





Introduction: How to Make a Five-in-One Mini Wood Working Machine

Recently,I found myself so into wood making. Therefore, on the 18th Maker Marathon of Makeblock holding on Nov. 28th, I decided to DIY a mini wood-working machine which covers the functionalities of the lathe, drill machine, a milling machine, grinder, and sawing machine.

Most parts are from:

Step 1: Assemble the Crank.

Using threaded rod to drive the thread-drive beam, the crank comes with high precision;

Step 2: Assemble the Motion Platform of Y-axis

Step 3: Assemble the Motion Platform of X-axis

Step 4: Assemble the Motion Platform of XY-axis

Step 5: Assemble the Accessories for Lathe and Milling

Step 6: Assemble the Support and Stand

Step 7: Install the XY-axis Platform on the Stand

Step 8: Assemble the Bracket for the Spindle Motor.

I drilled an extra hole on the beam to fit them tightly

Step 9: Assemble the Brackets for the Guide Rail

Step 10: Install the Guide Rail and the Motor Bracket of the Main-axis

Step 11: Install the Compression Bar

Step 12: Install the Spindle Motor and Driver Board.

What I used was 555CNC motor with 24V power supply

Step 13: Assemble the Circuit Board and the Motor on the Rack.

Now the assembly has been accomplished!

Step 14: ​Last But Not Least

You can assemble various tools on the motor for processing different kinds of materials, like wood, Acrylic plates, glass fiber board, etc.

To avoid any injuries when the saw blade accidently flies out, it’s required to install a cover plate when use this 5-in-1 machine as a sawing machine.

Step 15: All Parts I Used

Step 16:



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    I calculated the prices. It is about $300, the screws and nuts not included.

    $300 not bad! less than what I have wrapped up in my RC Tuck.

    I'm so going to build one when I get some spare change. Even if I use it once, and just to have it sitting pretty. It's a cool piece of machinery. Sort of like my RC Revo truck....just a sexy big ol nitro powered beast with horizontal shocks. Good job on the craftsmanship.

    You can use a diamond blade (take out the saw blade) for tile cutting.....mosaics. They have blades as big as your saw blade. Nice build!

    good one!

    I ll build this!

    In all seriousness, I'm curious why the right thumbnail is left so long?

    Left hand fingernails short, right hand long = fingerstyle guitar player.

    Haha... I'm learning guqin recently. It's a seven-stringed plucked instrument.

    Awesome. perhaps you can build a "Guqin player" by using Makeblock parts.

    That's how it looks like.