don't do this inside he almost lite something
All I kept thinking about was how much it would suck to pick out all those tiny shards metal from your face after that can of butane exploded
You have no checkvalve on this highly DANGEROUS!
Thats kinda dumb. My lighter can shoot fire higher then that.
yeah thats not to smart not that this isnt brillant but the fact that u dont have anything to stop a flash back which is when a flame travels back up a tube which is common in welding which can happen here and make the can of fuel explode
I didn't see it actually "throw any flame". What I do is get a PVC pipe, stick a rubber band or whatever will burn on a metal wire on 1 end of the pipe (that's my fuse) and then spray a can of lubricant or any other flammable material through the tube. That was very neat though but if you want the flame to "throw" you will need something to spray or shoot the fuel across the fuse.
thats as much a flame thrower as a can of hairspray and a lighter is, WHY CANT SOMEONE MAKE A DECENT FLAMETHROWER!!!!!!!!!!! <br>
I will in the future, as soon as i get a job and move out of my parents houses. As for now, i'm stuck with filling a fire extinguisher with propane. (secretly of course, stupid parents)
forget it, i have already devised a working flamethrower pen, all i need now is a way to either rotate something by mechanically pushing a trigger in, or by opening a ball valve by the same means
have a picture or something?
of the pen, why certainly. Better yet, heres an ebay link to the one i am using right now, i bought two of them, one for a flame thrower, the other to use as an actual pen. currently i am experimenting with using higher carbon fuels like acetylene in the pen, since it can hold pretty much anything. <br>To make it into a flamethrower, just remove the nozzle of the end and light directly. but at full release, unfortunately, so much gas is escaping that only the very end of the flame lights, because most of the butane is turning into gas where we want it burning in vapour form. hence why im testing acetylene, and LPG <br> <br>http://www.ebay.com/itm/Butane-Pencil-Torch-Welding-Soldering-Jewelry-Repair-/250866974490?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&amp;hash=item3a68d63f1a
Don't mix the two up and try and write with the flame thrower.....
And this is how CyberTech2000 became homeless...
why would u do that in you're house
Why not, its a tiny flame and only compressed gas.
what kind of tubing is that?
what i want to see is how you made that flamethrower on the icon that i clicked which led me here!? <br>wher eis it, why is there no info on how to make that one, the one that clearly works better than the one in the video
How did you get the can to put out the gas?, you have to hold it down normally.
thats why i asked for details
I should of done this before (looked on the youtube page) The tube is put through the cap very slightly and then glued to the cap. This means that when i put the gas cap back on the tube is fittied into the nozzle and is being pushed down by the closed cap.
any videos or pictures? make an instructable=D
Me to make a instructable?
yeah, like detailed one? maybe a video will be great
try adding air going thought it 4 a longer flow
can you please send me the details on making this thing? thinking of putting it on my guitar. please reply ASAP.
Is that a gas/petro siphon tube?<br /> <br /> <sup><sub>You naughty boy!</sub></sup>
no its just regular plastic tubing

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