Introduction: How to Make a Flying Gyroscope

What is this???

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Step 1: You're Going to Need Is an Empty Duct Tape Roll

Picture of You're Going to Need Is an Empty Duct Tape Roll

First thing i did was i cut down my duct tape roll In half

Step 2: Plastic Bottle

Picture of Plastic Bottle

Cut an even plastic sheet from a bottle

Step 3: Мarking

Picture of Мarking

Next we'll start from this line i would just drew and we'll measure out five spaces equal distance from one another.

We will now want to draw half circles at the top of each one of our sections

Step 4: Cut and Fasten

Picture of  Cut and Fasten

Once you've done that you can now go ahead and cut that our just like i did here

Step 5: Finality and Testing

Picture of Finality and Testing

Let's check this out


Maker Saga (author)2017-05-25

Just like the X-Zylo Ultra, except way cheaper! It would be cool to do a maximum range test. My x-zylo has been thrown over 100 meters. Also, your video link is down.

By the way, you could use a seal breaking can opener (the kind that doesn't cut the metal) to cut the bottom and top off of a shallow non-ribbed food can, and use that instead of an empty tape roll. It would probably fly farther that way.

SahilK71 (author)2017-05-16

That's pretty dope and simple, I love it

sjeverett75 (author)2017-05-14

been making these out of a sheet of paper since early 80's. Literally takes 10 seconds to make.

GonzaloM42 (author)2017-05-12

I have liked it very much !!!!!

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