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You may think making a found art sculpture would be easy, but there is a lot of thinking and trial and error put in to it. It is not just glueing a bunch of random parts together, they have to fit in ways of appearance, yet be weird and different at the same time. I hope you like my first instructable.

Step 1:

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The first step is to gather materials, now this is one of the easiest parts. I went through boxes of junk, clocks, and scavenged in my garage for different items. 

Step 2:

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These are the most important parts of making a found art sculpture. A base, a wooden stand that will be put on the base and hot glue the others are optional.

Step 3:

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Now you need to glue the stand onto your base, TIP: I suggest using plastics and woods for the base and stand because metal doesn't like hot glue very much(aka it won't stick)

Step 4:

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Start glueing on the basics of the frame for the sculpture, i used an old flashlight spring. From this you will start to add material glue can stick to, I used a piece of felt and it worked great.

Step 5:

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I added a piece of felt and stuck on some random parts, remember that some of the parts put on first might not be seen later on.

Step 6: Finished Product

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Make sure any wobbly parts are glued down and there are no huge glue spots. I use a silver leaf pen to put on the glue spots so it looks like solider. I hope you like my first instructable. Tell me what you think!


lalarabbit (author)2012-01-04

Check out this, a nice collection of what could be done right! :-)

Browncoat (author)2010-07-15

Did you plan ahead or just start throwing stuff together?

Fxmasta (author)Browncoat2010-07-16

I partially planned ahead like i separately bought gears and stuff to make it look more like a robot.

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