How to Make a Fountain From Old Records





Introduction: How to Make a Fountain From Old Records

The Still Crafty After 50 ladies, Joan Fee and Cheryl Ball show you how to create an awesome fountain by melting old records in the oven in just a couple of minutes.

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    you can all so make plant pot ceramic pot in oven vinal on top gas make what ever and you dont have to watch this...ha ha harrr... any way my sounds not working on you tube can any 1 helpppppp

    Step 1: check several websites and make sure your lp is not a rare collectible before you toast it!

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    So it's okay to cook these records in the same oven as I make my Sunday Roast? (but not at the same time (joke) :)

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    Yes. Just open up the windows and get some air circulating. Enjoy your roast...