Vulpes Vulpes, or more commonly known as the red fox, is the largest and most widespread of all the true foxes. They are clever dog-like animals… that love to learn about HTML! You can make your very own fox puppet by following these simple instructions. Read through the instructions carefully before getting started and expect to spend about 3-5 hours making the puppet. Are you ready? Lets get started!
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Step 1: Gathering the materials

Purchase, borrow, or otherwise scrounge together the following materials:

1/2 yard burnt orange fleece
1/4 yard white fleece
1/4 yard black fleece
1 foot red fleece
2 shiny, eye-like buttons
1/4 yard of half inch foam sheeting
Sewing machine (optional, it can be sewed by hand also)
Sewing needle
Sewing pins
Matching burnt orange thread
White thread
Marker or fabric chalk

The estimates on fabric may be a little generous. We reduced the amount from what we had purchased because we had enough to make a small skulk (group of foxes). If you have extra material, you could always make more foxes. They are social creatures after all!

Step 2: Preparing the pattern

Picture of Preparing the pattern
Download the attached fox puppet pattern. The pattern is optimized for standard US letter 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Some printers may try to resize the page, so check your print options for something like “Page Scaling” and set it to whatever choice sounds like it will prevent the printer from resizing the page. Once it’s printed out, cut along the thick black lines.

The dashed thick black lines indicate parts of the patten that need to be taped together. The pieces are labeled, so it’s not hard to figure out. When everything is cut out and assembled, it’s time to move on to tracing the pattern.
tkelley-1 made it!1 month ago

I used Faux fur and safety eyes to make one based on your pattern! His name is Wolf Weezl (as named by my 4 year old)

helloworldprogram (author)  tkelley-11 month ago

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

kcli1 year ago
A fox that anyone would love! Great job!
This puppet is simply gorgeous. Good luck in the contest I voted for you! :)
helloworldprogram (author)  miss_totoro1 year ago
Thanks! And thank you for the vote!
dcivarson1 year ago
How absolutely beautiful, guess I'm off to the fabric store
helloworldprogram (author)  dcivarson1 year ago
Thank you, good luck with your puppet!
That little guy is adorable! That is an awesome pattern you've come up with :)
That is great, and cute too.