Introduction: How to Make a Full Auto Airsoft Minigun [Halo Inspired Mobile Turret]

This is a type of cloud airsoft gun - named so because of how the pellets are blown around the reservoir before being fired out the barrel. Since there is nothing mechanical to get in the way of the workings of this gun the rate of fire is extremely high, an estimated 50 rounds per second. It would make a great airsoft turret to be mounted on the defensive wall of a home base.

The price of materials is just over $50 assuming the builder already has PVC primer and cement.

Parts List:
4' of 2" pressure rated sch40 PVC
4' of 1.25" pressure rated sch40 PVC
2" end caps x2
2" 90 degree elbow
2" 90 degree street elbow
1.25" end caps x3
1.25" couplings x2
1.25"x0.5" threaded reducer
0.5" threaded plug
6mm ID x 3' aluminum tube
Rubber tire valve
Air compressor blower valve w/ threaded ends
Close brass pipe nipple - to fit blower valve
Hose fittings - to fit blower valve - x2
1' air compressor hose - matched to hose fittings
Hose straps - for compressor hose - x2
Large hose straps
1" foam pipe insulation - or a wood block fitted for chamber support


Echo0 (author)2015-05-04

What is the FPS

LuckyshotD (author)Echo02017-05-03

Im getting like 150 fps at 20-30 psi. So this baby has alot of potential

LuckyshotD (author)LuckyshotD2017-05-03

Adding to that, the tighter your barrel is around the bb, the more air can build up behind it. You can get 7mm inner diameter pipe made of carbon fiber on ebay for like $10. Just ordered some ill tell you how well it works. ;)
So exited

Reimerg (author)Echo02017-02-12

feet per second

LuckyshotD (author)2017-05-03

Real nice design. Im currently making one out of abs. Also adding a portable backpack (much like yours) but that has a small compressor built in for unlimited air.

DanielM31 (author)2016-06-10

what type of weapon would this be considered? I know its not a legitimate deadly weapon when used as intended, but i want to know if it is legal in Pennsylvania.

MattM216 (author)2016-05-22

I think this is a very nice design, I plan on making this and putting a bipod and swivel to camp out. One way to make the ammo last longer is to put a small door (sorry I forgot what the name of it is... Latch?) connecting the ammo reservoir to a fairly large "hopper" and when the ammo runs out in the resovoir just open the door and let a small amount into the resovoir. Vwala!

trapshooter4god (author)2015-12-22

i'm going to make one and make the tip orange

JamesW113 (author)2015-11-08

This thing is awesome!

anthony2219 (author)2015-07-02

What do you think about putting on a guard in the front, just like the Mobile Turrent in halo with maybe card board, plywood, or 1/5 in. Tin plate cut exactly like the guard in Halo?

Sure, it wouldn't make any difference in how it works. That would look pretty cool

waynes3 (author)2014-12-06

Hi, I saw most of your videos on youtube and was wondering if you could make an 'ible on how to make a better "Magazine" which could maybe(I really don't know) incorporate a one-way valve or something that feeds the bullets more efficiently i.e. a more guaranteed feed,because the mine dry fires quite a lot, also how long does yours last pressure wise?

Cpt_Spaz (author)2014-12-03


MatthewR1 (author)2014-08-07

What brand of 2 inch end cap is it? The end caps at my local Lowe's all have a curve in them and can't be glued together.

bullet-hole airsoft (author)2014-05-22

going to try and make a cqb mp5 using this type of propulsion. by the way what is the average fps?

gemoney (author)2014-02-23

can I make this gun fire paintballs

TP_inc (author)2014-02-15

How Many Fps is it?

helmsplitter (author)2014-02-10

cbthejenkins (author)2013-09-21

hey I want to make two of these and turn them both sideways and connect them both to make a mounted, two-barreled, gun for my airsoft coarse that I am building. Is it possible to do or will it have some issues?

airsoftredneck96 (author)2013-08-09

This is cool I made one!

damascus freak (author)2013-06-01

i recently made a airsoft SVD style rifle by kinda crossing your flamethrower and the mini gun. it has a 5 gallon air tank in a backpack but uses the same "cloud" system as your mini gun. i am using a 12v air horn valve hooked up to a momentary push button as the trigger.

LoveDoctor46 (author)2013-05-22

Sir, I would just like to say, I praise you as a god.

God gave me all I have. I can't take credit.

ebaneser (author)2013-04-26

cool maybe I can make an assault rifle using the same principles but try to incorporate a L.A.W. in there too.

tgrinder666 (author)2013-03-28

im working on making a pair of these with my friend. Ill be making it a little more "high end" by incorporating it into a synthetic SKS pistol grip stock and using the backpack reservoir from your bottle machine gun. he's making his the same way, only with a wooden tommy gun stock from a local airsoft store. we will be sure to post pictures and maybe a video when theyre done!

geniuskid9 (author)2013-02-24

best thing EVER!!!!!! this is so awesome! is there a way to make it have more bbs and can you burst fire it or does it have to be held down the entire time?

geniuskid9 (author)2013-02-24

best thing EVER!!!!!! this is so awesome! is there a way to make it have more bbs and can you burst fire it or does it have to be held down the entire time?

rower-11 (author)2012-12-22

for some reason the reply button doesn't work
---Thanks a lot! Your instructables are the best! they explain everything so I can understand it really well.

rower-11 (author)2012-12-22

I was going to make this gun with my dad and we were wondering if you could make the bb reservoir out of 2" PVC but still have the barrel out of 1.25 PVC so it can hold more bbs.

yes that would be fine. Also you may want to check out my other instructable on a similar subject here:

cade nielson (author)2012-11-19

i made this and sometimes it dosnt work like it will blow the air out but not the bbs how do you fix this

SAWAirsoft (author)2012-10-20

Here is a link to to a basic concept that could allow lower budget, or just little access to parts, airsofters to take their imagination and take a baser concept and turn it into a skirmishable airsoft gun.

SAWAirsoft (author)SAWAirsoft2012-10-20

lauren152 (author)2012-10-02

Where do you find the 6mm ID x 3' aluminum tube and how expensive is it?

ace12345m (author)2012-09-28

how much fps does it have

hunter1125 (author)2012-06-29

Im thinking of making a cross between your flamethrower and this, by putting the resevoir in a backpack and having a minigun like this instead of a waterbottle with a tube in it.

curious youth (author)hunter11252012-09-10

i was thinking the same thing ! :)

damascus freak (author)2012-07-09

awsome gun!!!!! got any ideas for a single shot? say sniper rifle style? (author)2012-07-01

im 13 and want to know how to make some thing that looks good, performs well, and is easy to get the supplies and to make. any ideas??

gotwell (author)2012-06-11

where did u get ur "trigger"

gotwell (author)2012-06-11

can you put the video instructions in steps and what glue did you use

cade nielson (author)2012-06-09

i love this gun it is awosm but the tank needs to be bigger then it will last longer

corn holio (author)2012-05-11

how many psi did you use and how many fps did you get

black hole (author)2012-05-06

Heh heh heh.

Mathieu17 (author)2012-02-09

Can i use a CO2 tank??? would that work or shoot for a long time... and would there be a way too have more bb's to shoot??

in theory it should work with co2. if you make the bb resovoir bigger/ longer it should hold more bb's.

rafa101 (author)2012-02-29

How much would you be spending on materials? thank you

around $60

weaponmaster1 (author)2012-03-11

Go to this link now

owlart101 (author)2012-03-04

Very nice, I plan on making this with my Dad. Do you have any suggestions for making it more of a flamethrower version, with the air reservoir in a backpack or something?

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