How to Make a Fun, Fake Firecracker Fast




Introduction: How to Make a Fun, Fake Firecracker Fast

I came up with this idea because of the 4th of July.   As you can probably see, I wrote a firecracker warning:  "Warning:  Explosive.  Keep away from heat and children."  You can come up with your own ideas for labeling the firecracker.  For instructions, view each picture in order, and read the messages.     

     Please vote for me!   Were I to win the Hurricane Laser Challenge I would use the laser cutter to make my Instructables more individual (for instance, custom cut cases and gears) and I would also use it to cut custom wall plaques.  I plan to use it in business by selling wooden puzzle boxes and other assorted toys on ebay.  I would attempt to cut my first custom clock case and I would also try to take my own antique looking furniture.  Please vote for me!! 



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    I have made a propbomb:) but nice ideer