Step 1: To Do a GLUE GUN Out of Water Heater You Need!!!

In this video I'm going to tell you how to make a glue pistol / gun out of the water heater with your own hands at home!
We need to take:
- Water heater
- A peace of tin
- Copper wire
- Silicone stick.

Step 2: Thermal Glue Gun Is Aimed at Sticking Joint Places (seams) of Linoleum and Plastic, and Also Wood Etc.

Step 3: It's Very Easy to Make a Glue Pistol With Your Own Hands!

Step 4: Thanks for Watching!!!

<p>Too easy for make.. </p>
But why? whats the difference with any 3 dollar gun?
<p>Voltage? Power supply? Anything?</p>
Please I have not made any yet

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