How to Make a Galileo Thermometer Wall Shelf.


Introduction: How to Make a Galileo Thermometer Wall Shelf.

I bought this old timey Galileo thermometer several years ago at a garage sale and I really like it. I needed a way to safely and nicely display it so I am building a shelf for that purpose.

I need a upper piece to hold the top of the long cylinder as to not let it tip over and come crashing down to the floor. Also a simple way to secure the bottom so it will not work its way off of the shelf.

I made the shelf from a piece of walnut that I had and simplicity is the name of the game with this. Very simple yet the walnut is hard to make it look bad. Beautiful wood and simple project. equals a beautiful wall decoration!

I cut the pieces out and used little glue and some pan head wood screws that I counter bored so the screw heads sat beneath the surface.

The top piece that holds the top of the cylinder has a hole drilled through it and surrounds the op of the cylinder so if it should for some reason get bumped it will prevent the thermometer from tipping over.

I cut the top of the backer board in the shape of the top of the thermometer for a nice look.

T finish it I use done of my favorite finished for walnut Danish oil in a natural color.

Fun project and is one less thing sitting on a shelf just waiting to fall off and get broken.

Thanks for all your support!


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    That came out really classy! Nice build Chris!

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    Thanks Peter! I can't make the finals in a contest to save my life. :) Well just keep making stuff! (Like Dory in finding Nemo :just keep swimming") :)