Here's a brand new gauntlet tutorial with a brand new armor design. This walks you through how I made this stainless steel gauntlet with brass accents. I hope you enjoy it!
Wow. I have built a few using your original template and instructions, but now I must make this one.......I am sure my wife will want to thank you for all the time I spend out in the shop instead of inside working on the "honey do" list. I will make sure i lock up all the gauntlets so she cannot use them to "thank you". Once again, a great product and a great tutorial.
Haha thank you. Glad to hear you enjoyed the other gauntlet build enough to make several! Tell your wife I'm sorry
to be honest, i liked the part on the hand of this one more, however the other one looked better on all other aspects
<p>the fingers were definitely nicer in my opinion, since i don't want to see the glove through them.</p>
Beautiful! You should sell these.
Brilliant ! <br>I was always under the impression that it would be a difficult process. Its by no means simple, but now I can see myself actually banging a costume out instead of failing at pepakura cause my parts bend and I don't wanna work with fiberglass.
Hey I was wondering if there's any other way I could purchase your template, since I don't have PayPal ?
Oh God thank you! <br>
Not usually a fan of video type instructables but this was excellent.

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