How to Make a Giant Flower From Yoga Mats





Introduction: How to Make a Giant Flower From Yoga Mats

This Instructional video it's all about taking a small project and bringing it up to scale.

You can find many tutorials on how to make a paper flower. But once you make it bigger the paper will become unstable.

I used some Yoga mats that are thicker and a little more rigid.

This is only one example of flower, but using the same materials and changing the color scheme, you can make various types of flowers.

You will need:

- template for 3 different petal sizes (optional: you can have only one size depending on the model)

- scissors (I used a laser cutter but you can get away with scissors or a cutter)

- hot glue gun

- paint (2 or 3 colors depending on the model)

- yoga mats (I used 3 mats 180cm x 50 cm for one flower)

Most of all you will need lots and lots of patience.

Have fun!!!

You should have all the necessary information in the video.



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    7 Discussions

    I love these!!! They're beautiful and happy and fun, and I'd like a dozen of them decorating my family room. They require a lot of work, I hope you're able to sell them! Thanks for sharing.

    5 replies

    Thank's! I'm glad you like them. I made others before but I am most proud of this project. I work on demand so they got sold before I even started :). Let me show you some older ones:

    Flori Adriana 2015.04.11 (8).JPGFlori Adriana 2015.03.14 (5).JPG

    Very pretty! How much do they sell for?

    I am sorry, but I am not allowed to say! The prices are calculated depending on dimensions, colors, detailing level, quantity.

    You should really reconsider giving out a ballpark figure even if it's a range. You are much more likely to get potential buyers interested if your very upfront with the price. Think about when you shop online, do you prefer a store with pictures and prices or do actually like stores with just photos's and an email for price notice? If your only doing this in your spare time I get it. On the other hand, if you're actually trying to make money of this, it's a bad policy to have.

    I am doing this to "give something back". I've learned so much from others and never shared ("Instructables" included). So my tutorials are purely educational. Of course, If someone wants to make a demand, I will be glad to share my email where he/she can make the request.