How to Make a Gingerbread Tardis (with Doctor)

Picture of How to Make a Gingerbread Tardis (with Doctor)
Travel through time and relative dimension in space deliciously! 

This is a fun project that doesn't require a lot of baking experience.  It's easier than a Tardis cake, for example, and it keeps longer.  It does require a a good bit of working space, but no exotic ingredients.  Everything except the gumdrop on top of the Tardis was already in my kitchen.
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Step 1: Gather your materials

You'll need to make sure you have the following things:

lots of countertop or table space
paper stencils-- you'll print these out in the next step
metal cookie sheets—try to get ones that won’t warp in the oven
parchment paper
countertop mixer with dough attachment and whisk attachment
rubber/silicone spatulas
frosting bags and tips, or ziplock bags
candy thermometer (optional)
masking tape (optional)
paring knife
frosting knife or table knife
large cereal box or other light cardboard
measuring cups and spoons
rolling pin
large metal mixing bowl, other bowls
plastic wrap
cooling racks
hot mitts
large shallow pan
1 blue gumdrop or jellybean
heavy items to prop up drying pieces (e.g. canned food or books)

Check recipes if you're not sure you have enough of these items:
pasturized egg whites (optional)
powdered sugar
gel food colors
light brown sugar
unsulfured dark molasses
nonstick spray or oil
all purpose flour
baking powder
ground ginger, cinnamon, and cloves
vegetable shortening (Crisco)

Step 2: Make your stencils

Picture of Make your stencils
gingerbread plan view.jpg
Gingerbread doctor.jpg
gingerbread roof etc stencil.jpg
gingerbread back and sides stencil.jpg
Gingerbread front stencil.jpg

Print out the templates found in this pdf.  For reference, the front elevation and plan view have been included.  Trace the paper templates onto light cardboard and cut them out.  I used a large cereal box.  Remember to label the cardboard pieces so you don't confuse them.

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Awesome, love the fez!
Awesome! I love "Make up to 13" Very nice!
I especially like step 10. Great work! It's super adorable. :D
Step 10 hit home with me - I remember having to explain the 1-TARDIS vanity plates on my car to my family. The car is long gone, but the plates now grace a closet door in our house.