How to Make a Gorgeous Leather Keychain




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Introduction: How to Make a Gorgeous Leather Keychain

About: I'm originally from Arizona in the U.S. but moved to Taiwan about 20 years ago. I fell in love with leatherwork one day when a neighbor introduced me to the craft and have been at it ever since. One of my fa...

In this video tutorial learn how to customize your own hi-end leather keychain. Patterns and a list of materials and tools needed to complete this project can be downloaded at Thanks and Enjoy!



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The Keychain looks great, but honestly this seems to be just advertisement for your company. Add some free patterns and the community will love you.

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Sorry, this projects pattern is not free, but I've tried to keep the cost really low ($3 USD). The small fee goes towards helping finance the cost of making the videos. I hope to release some free content in the near future! Thanks!

Everthing you do is absolutely done with the highest degree of professionalism! Super motivated and impressed. However, I purchased the download for your designer keychain but never gained access to it. How disappointing!! It was only $5 which is well worth the instruction alone!! I'm just disappointed that I can't fully participate from start to finish without the download and secondly that I lost $5.