One day I was building K'nex grenades and the one thing that I noticed was that none of them really exploded. They just kind of fell apart, so I decided to develop my own. I spent hours trying to find a way to actually get the pieces to fly off. Finally I hit upon this design. It explodes so well that I am still looking for pieces that had gotten lost during testing.

The blast radius is about 10 feet, so do not throw near people, animals, or breakables.

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Step 1: Parts List

The K'nex pieces you need:

2 dark grey connectors
8 red connectors
2 white connectors
2 blue spacers
1 blue rod
awesome design
<p>i fitted it to my grenade launcher at it my sibling so hard she started crying</p>
<p>this is awesome!</p>
<p>Wow! Nice design! I'm currently working on a newer and more explosive design! Please check it out when it's done!</p>
This is really good.
It works really well. One with more ammo would be nice.
HOLY #&amp;*$$#!.this thing is awesome! mayby you could create a similar one with more ammo.
I actually might have an Idea on how
not bad
dude calm urself
lol XD
this is a LONG comment post <br> <br>P.S. ..........bungalow
ALL SHALL PERISH WHEN I RULE...except jennifer lopez and those who really do play awesome music
Also IHAVEGUTARSKILLS, gunpowder sucks
Good job. Imagine it in a grenade launcher...
in a grenade launcher would be EPIC!!!
this rox
this is amazing. good work!
I like it! 4*
WOA. This is a pretty smart design! i never would have thought of that :) I threw it and now i cant find 3 of the 90 degree angle pieces, lol, ill probobly find them, in a year or two. i threw it in the center of my room in pieces litereally hit the walls and slid down behind my bed and dresser. <br><br>/!\ WARNING /!\<br>Be careful when you are putting the Red pieces (or in my case, grey) onto the white pieces (or in my case black) I one flew off and hit me in the nose! :P<br><br>i give this 4/5*s. (you would get the last star if you had some clever way to find the pieces again! haha)
Looks alright, clever how they ping off :) <br>4*

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