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“Green” isn’t something that just showed up, if you are old enough, you have lived it all your life, we just didn’t call it “green” back then. I just hate buying something to use it just once and then throw it away, all in the name of convenience. What a waste of paper and other fibers and they seem to have lots of cemicals in them too. We put in new laminate floors this last August. How to take care of them has been an adventure. I bought a swifter floor duster for the handle. I made the damp mop covers out of microfiber cloth and now I have created reusable duster covers using fleece. I now use them for damp mopping and for dusting the laminate floor. Hurray! Let’s go.
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Step 1:

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Supplies: ( I was so busy creating, I forgot this picture, sorry.)
Swifter dust mop handle
Anti pill fleece
Sewing machine
Sewing scissors
Paper scissors

Step 2:

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First, on a piece of paper, trace the head of the dust mop.  Then trace around the head tracing 1 inch all the way around.  Using paper scissors, cut out your pattern.

Step 3:

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Using the marker, trace around the pattern onto the fleece.

Step 4:

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Fold the fleece 3 layers thick and cut out 3 layers, all at the same time.

Step 5:

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Set up your sewing machine.  With 2 of the layers on top of each other, sew the 2 layers together, sewing straight line from one end to the other, the lines being 1 inch (2.5cm) apart (total of 5 lines).  Trim all your threads to make it neat.

Step 6:

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Put the 3rd layer on top of the 2 (sewn together layers) and prepare to sew ¾ of an inch in from the edge. 

Step 7:

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I have this great attachment to my machine which I can space any distance I want from the needle.  I placed it at ¾ inch from the needle and used it to sew the distance I wanted from the edge.