With the release of the 2011 Green Lantern movie, Hal Jordan has found himself the proud owner of a newly stylised power battery. The new power battery moves away from the traditional and towards a more alien looking device. Now why on Oa, would the Guardians choose to mess around with something so iconic as the power battery? Well it seems they know best, as they have been quoted, "We are immortal. We are the Guardians of the Universe. We can do whatever we like".

Here is a step by step guide to making your very own new look Green Lantern power battery.

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Step 1: Materials

Design (I). I've added all pictures, templates and detail to the pdf file, make sure you turn off scaling when printing. I've also added 300dpi images, if you want to print them out separately. I have attempted to use only easily accessible materials, if you can find substitutes to make things easier, please use them. As you begin to make the power battery, feel free to personalise it. I didn't have a detailed picture to go by (at the time of making), so I made a lot of things up, alien writing, symbols, a more volcanic rock surface instead of a honed glass/jade appearance. Own your power battery, make changes where needed, trying to keep true to the basic features.

Design (II). After completing this guide, I came across a more detailed picture of the modern power battery. I have added this modified design as the pdf file, NewDesign_Letter.pdf and also added separate 300dpi pictures (including a more detailed handle design). If you would like to use this as a template for this instructable, some scaling of the staggered lens rings may be required (print these pages at 108%). After that, you should be able to apply most steps as stated.

You will need...

A Number of Opaque DVD Covers (for the front, back, centre and side lenses)
Cardboard (for the basic structure of the power battery)
A Balloon (to model the power battery centre)
Bowl, Water & Cornflour (or Cornstarch for the papier mache mixture)
Paint (spray, ready made or powdered paint mixed to make an emulsion)
Scissors, Tape, Glue etc.
A File or Sandpaper (to help smooth the rings to make the lenses)
Camping LED Lamp (for the glow)
Green Plastic & Aluminium Foil (to aid the glow)
A Printer, Paper & PDF


Page 1-4 Design of finished power battery
Page 5-8 Template used for basic structure (print twice)
Page 9 Front & back lens frames
Page 10 Outside rim and side rim detail
Page 11 Side clips template & handle detail
Page 12 Centre and side detail (print on transparency)
Page 13 Front & back lens detail (print on transparency)
Page 14-16 Lens templates (print twice)


Page 1-4 New design template for basic structure (print twice)
I love this Lantern..........................absolutely stunning!
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This is fantastic and great instructions! You get my vote : )
You are very kind... thanks so much!
Do you have a ring to go with it?
I got a plastic comic ring and painted its inside with glow-in-the-dark powder :) - but this is the traditional Hal ring... look out for <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/Honus/">Honus</a>&nbsp;as he might put out an updated version of his early 'ible - <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Green-Lantern-ring--including-a-glow/">How to Make a Green Lantern Ring</a>
Awesome! I've been thinking about making one of these- perfect!
Thanks Honus... I'm honoured... Will we be seeing a 2011 update to your fantastic ring'ible? ;)
I've been working on it- it's been a real challenge as I have a little something extra special planned for the new ring. :)
Wow, just amazing. This is the coolest instructable I've seen in a while.
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Ohhhh...man you made it...I was wondering how to !!!! Thnks and Good Luck.
Thanks Mr. Sanchez... keep the colours coming... love Walnut Season!
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wow i was wondering if anyone had made one wow nice<br>
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