Wanna make an awesome, temporary tattoo that will be super easy to make? Look no further! For more body art make sure to love and follow ;)! Let's proceed!

Step 1: Planning It Out

Draw basic design concepts. They don't need to be perfect, they just need to be what you're going to consider.

Step 2: Choosing One

Choose one that you love, and you won't mind showing to your grandparents. It'll be there for a while, or at least before a good scrub.

Step 3: Build Off of It

Build off of it, just to see where it could go.

Step 4: Practice

Practice it on your skin with a crayon, or something that won't show up very well.

Step 5: Go for It!

Make your tattoo, and layer it so the color shows up.

Step 6: Rock It!

Show it off to your sis, dad, brother, mom, grandparents and be happy with it! You're your own artist :)!
<p>is there a way to make it last longer? because i took ab 2 hours to do an all around design on my arm, and i would like it to stay longer than like, 2 days like it has before..</p>
<p>i did this on my neck a few weeks ago and went to school and my teacher just about killed me.lmao</p>
I love doing this! I use baby powder to set it so it stays on longer
<p>Same! I learnt that method a few weeks ago, and it's pool-proof!</p>
<p>I'm gonna try it !!!!!</p>
<p>Glad to hear! Send me a photo after!</p>
That is pretty much like a temporary tattoo! I do it all the time!
Yep! It's super fun and I do it all the time! (I'm going to make a how to steal a henna design! ;) so easy!)<br><br>Be sure to follow for more awesome ;)

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