How to Make Sharpie Tattoos





Introduction: How to Make Sharpie Tattoos

Wanna make an awesome, temporary tattoo that will be super easy to make? Look no further! For more body art make sure to love and follow ;)! Let's proceed!

Step 1: Planning It Out

Draw basic design concepts. They don't need to be perfect, they just need to be what you're going to consider.

Step 2: Choosing One

Choose one that you love, and you won't mind showing to your grandparents. It'll be there for a while, or at least before a good scrub.

Step 3: Build Off of It

Build off of it, just to see where it could go.

Step 4: Practice

Practice it on your skin with a crayon, or something that won't show up very well.

Step 5: Go for It!

Make your tattoo, and layer it so the color shows up.

Step 6: Rock It!

Show it off to your sis, dad, brother, mom, grandparents and be happy with it! You're your own artist :)!

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i did this on my neck a few weeks ago and went to school and my teacher just about killed me.lmao

I love doing this! I use baby powder to set it so it stays on longer

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Same! I learnt that method a few weeks ago, and it's pool-proof!

Glad to hear! Send me a photo after!

Yep! It's super fun and I do it all the time! (I'm going to make a how to steal a henna design! ;) so easy!)

Be sure to follow for more awesome ;)