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Step 1: Tools And Materials

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tatabolt5 months ago

It flies relay good . Thanks a lot

I made this it flies really well and spins very nicely !!!

I made this it flies really well and spins very nicely !!!

I made this it flies really well and spins very nicely !!!

smitty2252 years ago
It actually works.
Gyro? This doesn't look like a spinning craft?
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is really cool!
black hole2 years ago
It seems totally improbable that something so ridiculous-looking could ever fly, but it does!
Tuinopo803 years ago
Awesome, flies great!
Alex Mercer3 years ago
Go to http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Coolest-Paper-Glider-Ever/?ALLSTEPS
Zipzipy3 years ago
wow! This worked WAY better that I thought it would!
VERY fun!
rimar20004 years ago
1) why gyro-plane? Rotates it?
2) Please, a video.
3) Good instructable.
Darth Nihilus (author)  rimar20004 years ago
1)If you use enough tape for weight it rotates and also it looks like a gyroscope ring
2)Video is on the way
3)Thank you!
1) Thanks for the response.
2) notify me when you put the video, please.
There is a video on YouTube titled "Hoopster Part 1" & "Hoopster Part 2". The author there made the unit 4 times larger and made it into an RC format. Very Impressive.
Derpancakes3 years ago
Doesn't it work better if you just have the paper tube with a thick leading edge?
creationman3 years ago
i think this is a weird but cool plane
bgepp14 years ago
do you mean a bamboo skewer?
Darth Nihilus (author)  bgepp14 years ago
No ı didn't mean bamboo skewer
cparker74 years ago
if u add weight to the straw by putting a bamboo giant toothpic in it, it flies further

Have you seen the Facebook fanpage for Paper Plane building? It has links to lots of kits and instructions you can see it here http://www.facebook.com/PaperPlanePlans
Kiteman4 years ago
Nice. Looks familiar, though...
dombeef Kiteman4 years ago
But he used a straw!

He joined recently so he probably didnt see your instructable yet.
Kiteman dombeef4 years ago
I wasn't claiming he copied it off me - the looped-wing is quite common, often called a "hoopster".
ilpug4 years ago
i dont understand why this iyou call this a gyro plane but i have made these before, and they are very fun. i made a large one about 3 feet long in applied science, using balsa wood, string trimmer line, lots of glue, and a cheap tarp. it flew about 100 feet when thrown from a height of 12 feet.