Introduction: How to Make a Gyroscope in One Minute

In this instructable, I'm gonna show you how I made this Gyroscope Spinner in only One Minute. Have Fun.

Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon

Step 1: Components and Test

This is so simple.

Get your components from recycled stuff.

- Get an old round wheel or a round piece of metal, wood or plastic.

- Get an old pen.

Connect the Pen in the center of the wheel or the circular shape.

Congratulations, you now have your rotating Gyroscope Spinner.


If you want to have more fun and learn, you can try to change the length of the pen and also change the length of the upper and lower side of it. You can notice that in every step you can see difference in the Spinner Motion.

Test it and Have Fun..

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Thank you for reading my instructable.

Wish you the best. And have fun ,Live free And Read Books on Amazon


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