Picture of How to Make a Halo 4 Master Chief Costume
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This is my tutorial on how to make a Halo 4 Master Chief costume/cosplay. The main building material will be EVA foam and craft foam for details. The EVA foam can be bought almost at all home improvement stores and  the like. I will be using 1/4" EVA foam from a foam shop nearby. The craft foam can be found at Michaels, Ben Franklin and other craft stores.
The other materials/tools are
-A carpenters knife
-Hot glue & Glue gun
-Paper, pens, ruler etc.
-Spray paint-Krylon Italian Olive
-Small lights(led's or miniature christmas village spotlights that can be bought at miachels around christmas time.)
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Step 1: Guide Pictures/ Objects

Picture of Guide Pictures/ Objects
Instead of using pepakura, I made all the parts from scratch as I found out that pepakura is insanely complicated. Though pepakura can be useful for guide pictures/models. After my computer crashed on me, I went to use a master chief action figure that worked pretty well.  

Step 2: Making the Cardboard Frames/ Templates

Picture of Making the Cardboard Frames/ Templates
For the Chest/ Torso I made a cardboard model of the piece first to make sure that it fit ( since I don't have unlimited EVA foam) then traced out the pieces onto the foam and assembled. With the helmet I made a base piece out of cardboard that just added durability/ stability then added craft foam and EVA foam to complete. For the cardboard frame, I made small(ish) boxes to hold the lights in the helmet.

Step 3: Making the Rest of the Armor

Picture of Making the Rest of the Armor
For the rest of the armor, I made the base piece(s) out of EVA foam and the details out of craft foam. As an example, the thighs were one piece of EVA foam just wrapped in a circle.

Step 4: Spray Painting

Picture of Spray Painting
Just an FYI if you don't already know, spray paint fumes are toxic (if you don't believe me, I killed a spider with it!) so proper safety gear is a good idea. This includes a natural vapors mask and safety goggles. Also ventilate the room well. Ok enough of the blah,blah, blah. I built a simple painting rig made of a wooden dowel taped to the top of a large bucket for those round pieces like the forearms and thighs. For the rest of the pieces, I just put them on the ground. (If you didn't read the list of materials, the spray paint I used was Krylon Italian Olive.)

Step 5: Extra Details and Water Proofing

Picture of Extra Details and Water Proofing
You can add other details like the 117 and scratch marks. These were made by taking a coarse brush, dipping it in silver paint, lightly brushing it on a piece of scrap paper until the paint marks are like scratch marks or desired look. To water proof the entire thing, I used SOFSOLE Water Proofer (invisible, works UBER WELL, I mean it water proofs frkin paper towels!)

Step 6: Done!

Picture of Done!
024 (2).JPG
Now you are done with your halo costume! You can show it off to friends, get extra candy on Halloween, or just be awesome!

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Duct-Tape-Master (author) 1 year ago
I will do a tutorial for the assault rifle, just ask. :-)
Awesome! Yes please! :D
Duct-Tape-Master (author)  icekid1 year ago
I made it already, just look on my page

The helmet's "nose" area is a bit too fat to look like master chief.

Can you build a ODST armor plz?

Matialanis4 months ago
Please helmet pleeeeaasssse
Matialanis4 months ago
Can u make a helmet template please thank u
Duct-Tape-Master (author) 10 months ago

I'm thinking about making an instructable on a hunter from Destiny, what do you guys think?

Duct-Tape-Master (author)  Duct-Tape-Master10 months ago

I also REALLY enjoy parkour, so I might design it with mobility in mind, and do some parkour in it!

shadowop55510 months ago

please make a tutorial on the helment

shadowop55510 months ago

please make a tutorial on the helment

will you make an o.d.s.t costume ???????
Possibly for next Halloween. possibly.

can you see through the visor

Not very well, but yes.

striker1491 year ago
you could make this in any color right
Duct-Tape-Master (author)  striker1491 year ago
Yes, you could make this in blue, red, or any other color.
striker1491 year ago
I think the 117 sign is on the right not left but it don't matter.
Plo Koon1 year ago
On the Master Chief armor you are lacking the "puppy dog nose."
Duct-Tape-Master (author)  Plo Koon1 year ago
I know, the visor is quite weak so I can't push on it and I had the visor in before I realized that I was missing the "puppy dog nose" :-(
is it possible for you to make an instructable on Carter's Helmet from Reach?
i've been building Carter for the last week and it'd be very valuable to me to know how to make the helmet. cheers, Ben
Spartan 1.jpgSpartan 2.jpgSpartan 3.jpgSpartan 4.jpg
Although, I will make an instructable, if you want me to.
please do :)
What I would do, looking at Carter's helmet, is make the parts that are outlined in yellow in good, 3D detail out of cardboard. Then make the part that is outlined in green out of 1 wraparound piece of cardboard that connects at the back of the helmet and attach this piece to the top of the helmet. Then add all of the details on the helmet out of cardboard(or foam, but by the looks of it your main material is cardboard.) Then paint and you are done!
cheers man, you've been a great help. i finished up yesterday and the results are amazing! i'm starting a 2006 Cyberman after Christmas.

cheers Master Plo.
i finished the Armour Yesterday at 10:23pm
armour on progress 22.jpgarmour on progress 23.jpgarmour on progress 25.jpgarmour on progress 24.jpg
Well for my helmet, I made the top first out of cardboard for stability, and then made a simple sheet of cardboard shaped to be the bottom of the helmet, and put the details on in foam later. Just ask any questions if you have them.
jackmaster1 year ago
can you make a tutorial for the helmet pleeeeeeeeeese???
Duct-Tape-Master (author)  jackmaster1 year ago
Maybe in another whole instructable if enough people ask. :D
Can u Make a tutorial of all good guns :
Plasma pistol
For the shotgun and other larger guns, use my assault rifle or battle rifle method. For the pistol, use DaFrontLineTrooper's pistol tutorial. For the plasma pistol, simply carve the pistol out of a block of foam. Trace out the shape of the pistol with a knife in the foam, then use the knife to carve out the details. My pictures are attached to this post.
plasma pistol.JPGmagnum.JPG
you're the soldier we need you to be.
Nice work
Tutorial for everything plzz and make new things
Nice work! How'd you do the visor?
I used Design Master Colortool Brilliant Gold Spraypaint. Apply one light layer onto transparency paper (used for overhead projectors)
jgderuvo1 year ago
Nice job