Hanging Pallet Wood Beer Bottle Opener





Introduction: Hanging Pallet Wood Beer Bottle Opener

In this instructable I'll show you how to make this cool hanging beer bottle opener perfect for the shop or as a gift. This beer bottle opener is made using pallet wood but you an also use a pine board. This same beer bottle opener sells on Etsy for $20. Make one for yourself for less than $2! The metal bottle opener used in this build can be bought on ebay or amazon.

Step 1: Cut Your Pallet Wood

Cut (5) pieces of pallet wood to the following sizes:

(1) piece 5.5" X 16"

(3) pieces 4" x 3"

(1) piece 5.5" x 4"

Step 2: Paint & Sand Pallet Wood

Paint each piece and then lightly sand with 120 grit sand paper.

Step 3: Assemble

1) Using a brad nailer or screws, assemble the wooden pieces.

2) Attach bottle opener to back board. You can purchase the opener from ebay or Amazon for less than $2.

Step 4: Enjoy a Cold One

Hang the bottle opener up and enjoy a drink of your choice!



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    Nice inexpensive system for keeping the caps!
    Somebody has uses for the caps. An amazingly large amount of bottle caps can be collected in a year or two.

    These sometimes have a large magnet under the opener to catch the bottle caps. It's a design option some people find useful.

    I like just putting the trash can underneath and letting the caps automatically go into the trash.

    Who else has ideas for using the bottle caps?

    Great project for either kitchen or a back patio. And if it is portable, you can move it wherever you want it.