Picture of How to Make a Harry Potter Wand
Now, I am sure we all can attest to how expensive it is to buy wand replicas from Harry Potter World, or even online.  Also, none of these wands are unique, and therefore can never truly be your wand.  The best solution to both problems, then, it to make a wand yourself, and I am here to inform you how to do so.
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Step 1:

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This project is very simple, and only requires a few mandatory materials: A suitable stick, a whittling knife, sand paper, at least one choice color of wood stain, and a paint brush.  Depending on your skill level, you may wish to acquire any number of other woodworking tools, but this instructable will stick to the basics.

Step 2:

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The most important element of your wand is the stick that you choose.  When searching for the perfect candidate, keep in mind the following criteria: the stick should be between 9 and 15 inches long, one to two centimeters in diameter, be made out of a sturdy type of wood, and have no visible cracks or signs of decay.  Try to avoid any stick that is brittle or decomposing, as these are likely to break later in carving.

Step 3:

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Now that you have chosen your perfect stick (or perhaps it chose you, for, as we all know, the wand chooses the wizard), it is time to start carving.  First, use your whittling knife to take all the bark off the outside of the stick, as shown.

Step 4:

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Next, pick where you want the handle of the wand to end and carve the rest of the stick narrower starting at that point.  Also, shape the tip of the wand to a curve to avoid stabbing anyone in the eye with a sharp point!