In this Instructable I will teach you how to grill a Hawaiian Cheeseburger.

If you have ever been to Island Burgers or Red Robin you may have had one of their burgers. Man are these ever good at these restaurants.

Step 1: Safety

OK boys and girls I will start with the safety issues related to this process.

1. Wash your hands prior to handling food, after all I don't know where you hands have been.

2. Raw meat carries coodies make sure you wash your hands after handling.

3. Under cooked meat still carries coodies, make sure you cook to at least medium well, or so I am told, to kill the coodies.

--3.a. Do not to use the same plate to place the burgers on when they are done, as the one you carried the raw meat out on because it may have coodies on it also.

4. Fire can burn you so don't play around with it. Or if you need to experiment with it to understand what I am saying that is your own choice.

5. Don't be a Doofus and burn your house down either or else I will laugh at you. Keep you grill away from your house, flames and houses should not go together.

I think that is it, I am sure someone will let me know if I have missed something.

BTW youi can catch "coodies" from girls also (he he he...)
It looks good. I hope sombody can make for me. LOL.
These remind me of &quot;Toast Hawaii&quot;, a German dish from the 1950ies, which is basically a slice each of toast, ham, pineapple (canned slices), all gratinated with cheese... ;-)<br /> I like it, and will try the burgers, too!<br />
Those look amazing. Now I have to try them.<br />
any other sauses i could use
Now I'm hungry =D.<br />
None of my friends know how to cook, so I like to impress them by making stuff that makes them want me to always cook for them, and this is one I can't wait to try!
Those are some awesome looking burgers. Can't wait to try this.
Good idea, great instructable. What would be a good funky-hawaiian side dish?
try some raspberries and a strawberry bannana shake with some fries with some Johnny's
My neighbor owns Johnny's seasoning salt.
"Red Robin" and "Island Burgers" both have French-fries covered in _Season-all" seasoning. We dip the fries in ranch and it's pretty good. You of course can make your own home fries like this also.
Ironically, when McDonalds first made these, as "Aloha Burgers", they bombed. Now other restaurants are succeeding with em. Probably because they use a vastly superior quality of ingredients....
I have seen that on the Red Robin restaurant menu but have never tried it.
would b good with a fried egg in there too
I really don't like ready made teriyaki sauce and since an Asian friend of mine gave me this recipe I haven't looked back (most of the quantities are to taste so what you do is add a little and taste until it pleases you): Good soy sauce (Kikoman is OK but if it says it contains caramel coloring, put it back) Good soy sauce is brewed. This is your base. Garlic (crushed) Palm sugar or brown sugar Rice Wine Chopped Green Onion Ginger grated (optional) Stir together and what do you get? Bippity Boppity Boo
and can you think of a phrase that ISNT from a DISNEY movie?
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them flee before you and to hear the lamentation of their women.
wow thats a first
Wow cool! Thank you for the recipie!
Do you also put teriyaki on the pineapples when they're grilling?
Actually I do, they get a nice glaze.
Are these ever good, and add a slice of ham or back bacon between the burger and cheese for some extra yummyness...
Sounds great!
Kudos for your safety comments, but you might also note not to use the same plate to place the burgers on when they are done, as the one you carried the raw meat out on. (and it's "cooties".) Do you ever find the sauce to burn before the items are cooked? I usually baste only near the very end. Great looking Instructable.
Ahh... I knew someone would catch that. Ok done.
Dear god am i ever glad MY blood can't turn to grease.
Actaully if you heat it to the right temperature it will you just hav to watch for the flare up so you don't get burned :-)
I love the funky look of your kitchen tile and the burgers look delicious. I wish I were young and poor again!
Thank you <br/>if you liek the tile check out my ible on it you will get a better look a it <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Installing-a-Slate-Backsplash---The-Easy-Way./">Slate Backsplash</a> <br/><br/>Young and Poor? Uhh... Ok I guess<br/>
5/5, just for the idea of pineapple and hamburgers. I don't like teriyaki or cheese, but I'm putting grilled pineapple on now.
This sounds delicious! I want to try it sometime! Favorite & 5 stars.
Good Lord, that looks good.
Oh yes my friend! and they are so easy to make.
I hate cheeseburgers, but this looks so delicious.
Looks good!

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