This intractable will show you how to make a heartbeat pendant made from pewter.

Step 1: Open CAD File

Open/download the CAD file shown above.

Step 2: Mill the Mould

Mill the 'Heartbeat Design' mould that was shown above. The mould's dimensions are: 50mm x 75mm, and the design is 1.5mm deep. The mould is made of polyurethane foam. Then using a dremel, create a well in the mould, as well as risers as to let the air out. All of this is shown in the image above.

Step 3: Cast the Mould

Using a pewter machine, cast the mould with pewter, and let it cool. This is done by having melted pewter flow into the mould, taking the shape of the design. The cooling duration highly varies on the size of the product, however in general, 15 minutes is a good estimate.

Step 4: Add Ring Holes

On either side of the design, create small holes as to make it possible to, in the future, hang the pendant on a necklace chain.

Step 5: Sand the Pendant

As to remove any imperfections, and smooth the surface of the pendant, sand it using sand paper.

Step 6: Add Rings & Put the Necklace Through

Finally, put a small ring into each hole, and put a necklace through to complete your design.

<p>I was wondering what you milled the design into also. I could use a few more details on the casting process too.</p>
<p>Very cool! What did you mill the design into? I would love to see your cad file! </p>

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