Final Project for Technical Writing I
December 2010

According to dictionary.comhemp, also called Indian hemp, marijuana, is a tall course plant that is native to Asia but naturalized or cultivated in many parts of the world and is the source of a valuable fiber. The tough fiber of this plant is used for making rope.

Measuring Scale:
1 foot = 1 forearm
*the length from your hand to your elbow

hemp string - approx. 14 feet
1 pea-sized bead - wooden, glass, stone, etc.
*make sure you can fit four strands of hemp through the bead's hole

1 pair of jeans
1 safety pin
2 hands
1 pair of scissors
1 forearm

Step 1: Put on a pair of jeans.

<p>Used this to replace the band on my broken fitness tracker! thank you! used a skylarks knot to attached it to the device.</p>
<p>Used jute though.</p>
aargh... I'm so confused!
Another idea, seeing as I couldn't find a pin for my jeans, I just used a clip board. Awesome job btw!
hemp is not marijuana. there in the same 'genus' (idk what the technical term is but there essentially cousins). marijuana plants when mature are about 5-6 feet tall but hemp when mature is over 10! and a quick fun fact you cant get high off of smoking hemp! it contains somthing that counteracts THC. (THC is what gets you high in marijuana)
they're the same plant, just selectively bred to grow taller and to counteract the THC high
actually hemp is marijuana that is produced with low THC
&quot;caution: scissors are sharp!&quot; lol!!!!<br>
This same concept is done in the military using high grade parachute cord, and burning the ends so they don't fray. I have a key chain that's ten years old and shows no signs of fray at all!<br><br>Try it with parachute cord--exactly the same process--you'll be so amazed at how strong and great these are. (You can buy parachute cord in large skeins and it is very cheap for the amount you get. Buy it at any army surplus store, or online)<br><br>I liked your Instructable--I've been trying to do this forever and always got &quot;tied up&quot; lol...

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